Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Spring Clean-Up. If you still have questions or would like more information, please email We are happy to help!

How will I receive my paycheck?

In order to ensure timely receipt of your paychecks, we strongly urge you to set up direct deposit and mail forwarding for the summer.

Paychecks may be delayed if you do not set up a mail forwarding address before on-campus mail service ends, and it can take the Harvard Payroll Office up to 12 weeks to re-issue paychecks that are lost in the mail. Even if you set up direct deposit, your first paycheck is always mailed to you as a paper check, so setting up mail forwarding is very important!

I submitted my application. Now what?

Once you submit your application, you will receive an automated email from Dorm Crew notifying you of your status (i.e. accepted or waitlisted) along with a copy of your application for review. We know summer plans often change, so you have the option to update your applicant information at any time (i.e. the dates you plan to work, whether you need housing, etc) by emailing Within 2 business days of receiving your application, we will email you with instructions for completing any relevant hiring paperwork.

You must complete your hiring paperwork in advance of Spring Clean-Up or you will forfeit your position and temporary housing. There are often unexpected delays in processing paperwork, so submit your documents as soon as possible (even if you think you might change your mind about working SCU).

Can I work during Pre-Commencement week but take time off for an appointment?

No, if you are not able to work Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:45pm during the first week of Spring Clean-Up, you are not eligible to work this week. There are no exceptions. Absences during this time are disruptive to workforce planning and compromise our ability to complete a large volume of work in a short period of time.

What happens during each week of Spring Clean-Up?

During the first week, crews clean and prepare the dorms for alumni who will be staying on campus for Harvard reunions. This involves cleaning the suites vacated by students at College move-out and making beds for reunion guest.

During the second week, Reunion Week, a variety of jobs are available assisting with Commencement and Reunion events. 

During the third and fourth weeks, Post-Commencement I & II, crews prepare the dorms for Harvard Summer School students. 

During the fifth week, Post-Commencement III, a skeleton crew remains on campus to make final arrangements for Harvard Summer School. There are a limited number of positions available this week. On-campus housing is provided only until the morning of Friday, June 17.

What is the hourly wage?

The SCU 2017 hourly pay rate depends on your job and length of service. All jobs pay overtime (1.5 times the hourly rate) for any time in excess of 40 hours during a Sunday-Saturday pay period. 

For HAA positions, the pay rate is $12.00/hour plus tips. You can earn an additional $.50/hour for each consecutive year you have worked for HAA. 

For Dorm Crew positions, the pay rate is $13.50/hour. However, if you have a term-time job with Dorm Crew, you may qualify to keep your term-time pay rate throughout Spring Clean-Up. The term-time starting pay rate is $16.25/hour and increases to $17.25/hour during your first year of work. Here is how you can qualify to keep your term-time pay rate throughout Spring Clean-Up. You must fulfill all of the following:

  • Submit all required paperwork prior to March 4th. 
  • Maintain an average of at least 2 hours worked per week between March 5th and May 6th.
  • Work at least 4 hours every two weeks. 

To calculate how much you could earn during Spring Clean-Up, try out our SCU Earnings Calculator.

Can I work for Spring Clean-Up just during Post-Commencement?

Yes, many students—especially graduating seniors—choose not to begin working for Spring Clean-Up until the third week (Post-Commencement). Keep in mind, however, that you are only eligible for temporary housing through Dorm Crew while you are working for Spring Clean-Up; Dorm Crew does not provide housing during Pre-Commencement Week and Reunion Week to employees who do not begin working until Post-Commencement.

Students who will not begin work until the Monday of Post-Commencement (5/30/16) may move in to their temporary housing beginning Friday 5/26 at 5pm (after Senior move-out).