Leadership Opportunities

Working as a Dorm Crew Captain offers invaluable management, leadership, and mentorship experiences that very few college jobs provide. Many alumni find the skills they develop as captains applicable across a wide range of fields (recent graduates include a magazine editor-in-chief, a campaign manager, and a tech startup COO, among teachers, doctors, lawyers, and more) and consistently point to their Dorm Crew captaincy as a foundational leadership experience even decades after graduation.

Students who work consistently throughout the year are invited to apply for Dorm Crew's leadership training program. Accepted "trial captains" will receive extensive leadership training and mentorship throughout the spring semester, which culminates in leading a team of ten to fifteen people to prepare a campus building for Commencement and Harvard College Reunion events. Based on performance, a trial captain may be offered a captain position for the following academic year. Students who are hired as captains are invited to return for Fall Clean-Up as leaders and to serve as captains during the academic year and following Spring Clean-Up. 

Dorm Crew's leadership program promotes a model of collaborative problem-solving that reflects the University's broader commitment to training the next generation of citizen leaders through embracing diverse perspectives. Dorm Crew student managers learn to engage effectively with community stakeholders; balance the varied needs of students, faculty, staff, and alumni; and collaborate with others to accomplish important objectives while maintaining Harvard's commitment to excellence at every step. The most successful trial captains come away from the experience ready to inspire confidence, earn trust, and build successful teams at Harvard and beyond.  

If you are interested in becoming a Dorm Crew captain, please contact your current captain for more information.